The ABCs of picking a preschool

"But they're so little!" Ready to send your wee one to school? Keep panic at bay by learning why preschool's worthwhile, how to find the perfect one, and mistakes to avoid.

By GreatSchools Staff

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Shhh! Secrets for scoring the best preschool.

Deciding whether or not your child should attend preschool seems like a snap compared with the question that can send parents into a paroxysm of panic: Where should my tyke go? Adding to the anxiety: those hyper-organized families who applied to the "best" schools when their child was in utero. Before you throw in the towel thinking the best spots are taken, learn these six secrets to locating good choices for your child.

Don't forget that a part of the preschool equasion are the parents. Here are two essential factors to consider to ensure the preschool you have your eye on works for your family, too.