Play ball

How you can help at home: Practicing catching, bouncing, and kicking skills helps to build coordination and readiness for future sports teams.

By Amy Kaiser, Consulting Educator

A playground ball is as important to have at home as books, paper and crayons. It is an inexpensive investment and can be found in many discount stores. With this size ball children can practice their catching, bouncing, and kicking skills.

Dreams of superstardom seem to start in second grade. Encouraging and practicing good ball skills helps develop coordination and gets children ready for joining sports teams or clubs. But playing with a ball is no fun by yourself. Parents you need to join in the fun!

What you'll need

Here's how to do it

Find a flat surface near your home or at a nearby park and try the following:

Amy Kaiser is a physical education teacher specialist for the Duluth Public Schools in Minnesota. A stay-at-home mom for several years, she re-entered the education field and has been working as an elementary physical education specialist for the past 12 years. Ms. Kaiser serves on district and state curriculum committees and was recently honored as the 2005 Elementary Physical Education Teacher of the Year in Minnesota.