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By GreatSchools Staff

Have "the talk," even if you don't want to

 96 – Percent of students who've had formal sex education in school by the time they graduate high school

Good news on the education front: It appears that all this sex ed could be paying off. According to this Guttmacher Institute survey, comprehensive approaches to sex ed appears to help tweens and teens withstand pressures to have sex too soon, and once they become sexually active, to have healthy and responsible relationships. More encouraging findings: Teens are waiting longer to have sex and using more contraception than ever before.

Even so, you're not off the hook: parents still need to talk to their teenagers about sex — even if the subject makes you (and your teen) really uncomfortable. A study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that teens whose parents talk about sex education have "delayed sexual initiation" and once they become sexually experienced, used more birth control.

These latest stats and facts will help you start the conversation and educate your child on the biggest risks. 

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