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By GreatSchools Staff

Brain and brawn

When it comes to helping your tween develop their mind, it’s worth challenging their muscles as well. Research shows that exercise has a significant positive effect on kid’s cognitive development. Students with higher fitness levels get higher grades and perform better on tests. One study found that strenuous aerobic exercise just before academically challenging classes help kids absorb and retain new material.

Jay Giedd, neuroscientist at the National Institute of Mental Health, has remarked that, "recess and play seems to be the first thing that is cut out of school curriculums… But those actually may be as important, or maybe even more important, than some of the academic subjects that the children are doing…" To buff up both their brain and their body, encourage your middle schooler to be active, play sports, and exercise regularly. Parents can also work out with them to provide healthy role models.

Photo credit: Rubenking