Tips for helping your child with writing assignments

Written language may be the most difficult form of language expression. For children with LD, it can be a serious challenge. Learn how to support your child in this important subject.

By Brian Inglesby, M.A., L.E.P.

Writing is the most difficult form of language to learn. It involves "working memory" and using many different skills at the same time — organizing ideas, holding the pencil correctly, forming letters, spelling words, using correct grammar, punctuating sentences, using vocabulary, and staying on topic. If one or more of these processes break down, then your child may have serious problems writing. Most of all, writing requires patience.

General Tips

Support at Home

Brian Inglesby, M.A., is a licensed educational psychologist who enjoys the challenges of working with students with a broad spectrum of learning issues. Of special interest to him is the opportunity to provide teachers, parents, and students with the ability to better understand and manage a student's unique learning profile.