Organization and Time Management Strategies for Kids With LD

Read about strategies to help your child better manage his time, his tasks, and his stuff.

By Nancy Firchow, M.L.S.

There seem to be so many demands on everyone's time and energy these days. You're busy, and so are your kids. Unfortunately, children aren't born knowing how to manage time and organize their stuff. Kids with learning disabilities (LD) often have an even harder time learning how to get and stay organized and meet deadlines. You can help though, by teaching your child strategies that make staying organized easier and by setting a good example.

Start Small

No matter how frazzled you and your child feel, avoid the temptation to revamp everything at once; it's just too overwhelming. Instead, talk to your child about what he thinks he should tackle first.

Once you've got a plan, try it out for a week or two. Enlist your child to give you reminders for your new system, and he'll be more receptive to your reminders to him. After the trial period, review how things are working and make adjustments as necessary.

Here are some strategies to help with common problems of kids with LD. Which ones work for you and your child?

General Time Management

Weekly Planning

The Morning Routine

Organization for School

Structure for His Room

Practice Makes Perfect

New habits take time to learn, especially if bad habits need to be unlearned. Don't give up. Your child with LD will need frequent reminders, lots of help, and consistency. Don't hesitate to pitch in; he can benefit from watching you put things in good order. Remember to reward his successes and give him a little extra help him when he's feeling discouraged. The strategies you teach him now will pay off his whole life.