My Kindergartner Reverses His Letters

Allison Gardenswartz
Allison Gardenswartz

By Allison Gardenswartz, Consulting Educator


My son reverses some of his letters. Should I point this out to him, or is this just part of learning to write? How can I help him to write the letters the correct way?


Reversals in letter formation are very common at this age. It is most important to teach him the correct order or process in which to form the letters - which lines to make first.

Most elementary schools teach D'Nealian printing, which leads nicely into cursive writing in the later years. You should correct his errors by modeling the correct formation. But don't tell him he did it wrong. Ask him if he can "try it this way."

Kindergartners are very tactile. Another great idea is to practice forming letters in sand, or you can put uncooked rice in a box without a lid and ask him to trace letters in it. Then shake the box to have a clean slate, and he can continue to practice. The idea is that the process is fun at this age as motor skills develop. You want to help him get excited about writing without being frustrated.

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