Unleashing the artist in your fifth grader

How you can help at home: Try these easy suggestions for encouraging the budding artist in your fifth grader.

By Nancy Roucher, Consulting Educator

Fifth graders are concerned with structure and technical skills. They want to "get it right." Capitalize on this characteristic by suggesting activities as problem-solvers so that your child can have a sense of accomplishment but still realize there are many ways to provide an answer.

Encourage observation

Explore visual elements

Suggest new ways to make art

Encourage music

Try these dance and drama activities

Nancy Roucher is an arts education consultant from Sarasota, Florida. For 12 years she served as co-director of the Florida Institute for Art Education, a statewide project to help individual school districts implement comprehensive arts education. She consults with schools, museums and arts councils, and has developed a variety of curricular and program materials for arts education.