Telling Tales

How you can help at home: This activity will prepare your young child for learning social studies by building an understanding of family and generations.

By Donna Adkins, Consulting Educator

Young children love to hear stories about when you were growing up. Telling them about your childhood gives them the opportunity to understand how experiences change over time. This activity reinforces an understanding of family and how things are similar or different from generation to generation.

Here's How to Do It

Take the opportunity to tell one short story each evening, letting your child ask questions as needed. Then your child could tell you a story she remembers from her earlier years. If grandparents or other relatives are available, let them tell stories about their childhoods and let your child make comparisons about the changes that have occurred. If you wish, you can write these stories down in a family journal.

Donna Adkins was Arkansas Teacher of the Year in 2004 and is a National Board Certified Teacher. She is currently a kindergarten teacher in Arkansas, has experience teaching grades K-3 and is the mother of a sixth-grader.