Family fun

10 tips for a fabulous vacation (or stay-cation).

By GreatSchools Staff

Have an unforgettable summer

For a summer you and your family will never forget, consider taking a "volunteer vacation."


Make museums fun

Turn a trip to the art museum into a treasure hunt. Play a version of "I Spy" by asking your kids to search for their favorite color or shape. Go online in advance and pick out details they can look for, such as a white dog, a blue hat, or an old man.

Cheap tripping

Learn these easy ways to stretch your travel budget — so you can stretch your travels!


Family reading night

Start a summer tradition of family reading nights. Find a page turner, bake a batch of cookies, and take turns reading aloud.


Old-fashioned fun

What’s summer without a lemonade stand? Running a sidewalk business is a terrific way for children to work on math and business skills. Help your kids set up shop, and let their inner entrepreneurs run wild!


Make a summer scrapbook

Commemorate your summer adventures with a special family album. Everyone in the family can add drawings, photos, ticket stubs, and memories.


Backyard adventure

Kids restless on a hot night? Set up a tent, break out the flashlights, and have a camping adventure in your own backyard.

Plant a garden

Children love to get their hands dirty and watch things grow. Take your child with you to the garden store and let her pick out some plants or seeds, and get her started in a large pot or a corner of your backyard. More summer learning ideas.


Family road trip? Try these car games

Packing the family into the car for a road trip may have seemed like a good idea — until you put the pedal to the medal and you're met with a barrage of backseat bickering, whining, and fidgeting. For a little in-flight entertainment (and driver relief) try these crowd-pleasing car games. Find more car games here.


Indulge your wild child

Only a few more weeks of summer! Before it's over get your child out in nature (and find out why it's important). Go camping, hiking, swimming, or spend lazy days at the park.