Top 5 Family Travel Tips

Use these tips on your next family vacation.

1. Attitude is everything: Expect problems, go with the flow and everything will work out great.

If you get stressed when you can't find your hotel, your kids will get stressed, too. When you think of it as "exploring the neighborhood," everyone will feel better.

2. Don't forget the little necessities:

3. Leave at the right time.

If you leave at night, especially if you are flying, you might get lucky and have your little one sleep the whole way. No guarantees, however.

4. Be prepared for airplane travel with these tips:

5. Choose your toys and books wisely.

Don't bring toys that have a lot of loose parts. Bring some favorites that you know will entertain your child for hours and bring a few surprises, preferably a toy or game that you know your child will not be bored with in a short time period. Art supplies and paper are a good fill-in.

This article was condensed with permission from "Before Your Go: Top 5 Family Travel Tips" To see the full article, check Before Your Go: Top 5 Family Travel Tips