Worksheets and activities to keep kids busy (and sharp) over winter break: grades K-1

Looking for ways to keep your little one happily engaged in learning activities while school's out? Look no further: these funtivities help build reading, writing, and math skills.

By GreatSchools Staff

A fragrant lesson

Fun with food! If your kids love playing with their food, they'll enjoy these two spice-based crafts that give 'em the green light to dig in — while learning a little history.

These two crafts in one fragrant lesson include hands-on fun making orange-clove pomanders and apple-cinnamon dough ornaments while you regale them with surprising stories about the holiday spices they're using to make their creations.

ABC clay play

Most kids love the gooey, sticky charms of clay. All that kneading and shaping will do more than just engross your child for long periods of time — it also hones fine motor skills, which are crucial for writing letters.

Try ABC clay play: it's the perfect combination of pre-writing practice and art.

Macaroni word play

For macaroni word play, grab some uncooked alphabet pasta, paper, and glue — and let your child's creativity (and your early language lesson) begin!

My alphabet book

Want a project your child can work on for a few days? With supplies you already  have around the house — construction paper, yarn, glue, scissors, and a bunch of old magazines — your child can make an alphabet book (and practice letter sounds) too!

Make your own play dough

Forget store-bought toys! With this fun activity (that includes some hidden math and science learning), you can make your own colorful play dough to use at home or wrap up and give as a gift.

Animal homes that are just right

Where do these animals live, and what makes it possible for them to live there? Your child will learn how certain animals are able to live in wild and watery places with this science worksheet called "Animal homes that are just right."

Use your 5 senses!

Does your child know the five senses — sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing? This science worksheet, "Use your five senses,"  will teach your child more about our senses by linking each to the body part that helps it function.

Our favorite writing worksheets

Want a little early writing practice? From pencil control to letter shapes to writing words and completing sentences, here are five of our favorite writing worksheets for your:
first grader