Worksheets and activities to keep kids busy (and sharp) over winter break: grades 4-6

Keep your child's brain actively engaged while school's out with these fun reading, math, science, and art activities.

By GreatSchools Staff

Write a menu

If your child had a restaurant, what would she serve? Ask her to envision her perfect eatery and write (and design) a menu for it. This language arts activity is great for boosting your child's imagination, writing, and presentation skills.

Be a travel agent

Got your sights set on summer? Trip planning is an excellent learning activity for older kids. From researching destinations to working with a budget to focusing on logistics, our Be a travel agent activity has it all — math, research, writing, and presentation skills.

Make a pop-up book

One of the most popular activities on our site! Our quick, easy-to-use guide walks kids through the steps to write and illustrate their very own pop-up book.

Scene-stealer: Craft a holiday story diorama

Help your child turn his favorite seasonal tale into a magical 3D scene. First, reread the story with your child and discuss which visual elements he'd like to include. Crafting a holiday story diorama will let your child practice valuable storytelling skills while kindling a love of stories — and will even make a great holiday present for a loved one.

Make a family cookbook

Whether or not you've got a little baker or a burgeoning chef on your hands, this fun, feel-good activity is a great project for winter break. With a focus on food and family memories, this unique keepsake — your own family cookbook — will help your child practice writing, illustrating, and presenting information in a nice layout. 

Blog all about it

What's your child's passion? Maybe she should blog about it! Making writing fun is one of the best ways to boost a budding writer's prose. It's never been easier to blog all about it, even for kids.

Create a family memory book

A cross between journalism and scrapbooking, creating a family memory book is a great way to get your child talking to aunts, uncles, and grandparents over the holidays. In this activity, your child interviews family members and friends about what it was like when your child was in first grade (or younger). Writing up the answers, picking pictures, and putting together the book itself, your child will get to practice speaking, listening, writing, and creating aesthetically pleasing presentations.

How animals adapt to habitat

Who's home is this? Your child learns about how animals adapt to their habitats in this science worksheet about animals living in different environments.

Changes in matter

Some changes in matter are reversible, but not others. Your child will learn about reversible and irreversible changes in matter in this science worksheet.

5 favorite writing worksheets

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5 favorite math worksheets

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