Letter writing for kids

4 handy ways to teach your child the lost art of writing letters.

By GreatSchools Staff

All about me!

My name is________. I am _____ years old. I live at ________.

For your beginning writer, these basics are not only good practice, they're developmentally appropriate fare for a letter to a loved one. Plus, your child will add illustrations while writing about herself.

Best for: grades preK-1

Writing a letter back

There are all kinds of letters. In this set of worksheets your child gets practice reading and understanding three different kinds of letters: a letter to a newspaper editor, a letter from a daughter to her mom, and even a letter from an alien who landed on Earth to friends back home! After reading carefully and taking notes on these letters, your child will use the information available to write a letter back.

Best for: grades 1-3

Addressing letters

Remember when we all learned how to write our addresses in school? In this old-school language arts worksheet, children get practice writing home and school addresses correctly on postcards, along with some fun stuff, like writing and illustrating info about themselves.

Best for: grades 1-3

Writing a protest letter

What does this letter writer want? After reading this example of a protest letter, your child will answer questions about the writer's intent, the reasons given, how the argument is expressed, and whether or not the argument will prevail. Then, kids gather notes and write their own letter to the editor.

Best for: grades 3-5

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