Our 5 favorite kindergarten reading worksheets

Almost ready to read? Boost your early reader's skills with these stories and sounds.

By GreatSchools Staff

Goldilocks and the three bears

Once upon a time... and then what happened?

This pre-reading worksheet is an excellent way to interact with your child while reinforcing crucial skills such as reading left to right, understanding story structure, and using what's happened in the story to predict what will happen next. Plus, your child gets to complete the story and color it all in!

A spooky story

In a dark, dark woods was a dark, dark house.

While you read the story in this reading worksheet aloud, your child will listen, then use what you've learned to draw an illustration for the story and pick a title — all the while working on comprehension and sequencing skills.

Beginning and ending sounds

What's the first letter?

In this early reading worksheet, your child gets practice "reading" pictures, saying the words out loud, identifying letter sounds, and writing the missing letters.

Find the pictures!

Can you spot the fish? How 'bout that train?

In this early reading worksheet, your child will sound out the words, color the puzzle pieces with words that have short i and u vowel sounds, and unveil the super-secret hidden pictures.

It's story time!

Every picture is a clue!

In this early reading worksheet, your child will "read" pictures to figure out the "broken" words, sound out the words, pick the missing letters needed to "fix" them, and complete the story.