Raising a Successful Student

No A+ for your child?

Many schools are throwing out the old A-F grading system. Get the lowdown on this trend — and how the new report cards (try to) help parents gauge effort, attitude, and work habits. More »


Academic Skills

Does your child know what to write down?

Help your child learn to start taking notes efficiently and effectively.

Academic Skills

5 key skills for academic success

Learn the essential skills your child needs to master -- and how you can start teaching them now!

Academic Skills

6 ways to develop early math skills

Check out these learning activities that give your child's math skills a boost.

Emotional Well-Being

Perfecting praise

Learn how some forms of praise motivate children to work hard — and some don't.

Homework Help

Oh, the horror!

Here's how to cope with homework hassles — with a minimum of tears.

Homework Headaches

Too much homework?

Is your child burning the midnight oil just to get schoolwork done? Learn how much is too much.


10 tips to improve your teen's writing

Moaning and groaning about writing won't help your child improve. These helpful hints will.


Math is important. So sneak it in!

Sneak this oft-reviled skill into your child's day using fun, expert tactics for every grade.


Reading, improved

Get expert tips to help boost your child's reading — while keeping it fun — at every stage.

Academic Skills

Taught separately, but inherently linked

Learn easy ways to help your 4th through 8th grader connect reading and writing.


Writing doesn't have to be a drag

Turn your child into an unstoppable scribe with this grade-by-grade advice.

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