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Do taunton public elementary schools offer tutoring for children having difficulty?


christine2983 November 6, 2009

Is it free?Sylvan is very pricey, and my son needs tutoring help...that way he doesn't fall behind..

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healthy11 November 7, 2009

Hi. How old is your son/what grade? While public schools generally don't offer free tutoring, they are required to evaluate and assist students with suspected learning disabilities. It's considered "FAPE" or "free, appropriate public education." Has your son ever been tested by the school for possible LDs? What kind of problems is your son having?


christine2983 March 9, 2010

sorry it took forever to get back to you, i have had no computer....he attends hoepwell school...this is his first year off an iep plan...he is in first grade.....he is having difficulty in reading, and I want to solve it now before it becomes a problem....any advice will help...

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