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I am head of the PTO and also run a Theater Booster Program - I need parent involvement


assisttax December 1, 2009

No matter what we have tried we just can't seem to motivate the parents to get involved - We have a student base of 600 students yet very few parents come across when we ask for help - I am losing faith - any suggecstions???

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tjlove December 1, 2009

Have you checked out our "Improve your school" center?

There are a bunch of great articles that might give you some ideas. Hope this helps!!


healthy11 December 1, 2009

You might also like to join Greatschools PTA/PTO Group at and repost your questions there.


MagnetMom January 24, 2010

You may need to find a few different times to reach all parents. Some can drop by for a few minutes at drop off, some prefer evenings, others weekends.

One constant I hear from new volunteers (who are rarely outspoken, but will give feedback when provoked) is that they're always concerned about volunteering for something and find they've overcommitted their time.

Be clear what you're asking for, ask for simple things: "Can you volunteer for an hour on Friday to sell scrip once a month?" rather than "Can you volunteer?"

For the theatre group, see if you can break up the jobs into clear simple jobs--not "Snack Bar" but "bake two dozen cookies" or "staff snack bar for Thursday performance."

Make sure your jobs include opportunities for parents who work odd hours, and for parents with small children who might not be able to BE there.

Encourage current volunteers to bring in other volunteers. And reach out to the community--retirees, community theatre, etc.

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