5525 Southwest 84th Street
Miami, FL 33143

1570 Madruga Avenue
Coral Gables, FL 33146

6575 N Kendall Dr
Pinecrest, FL 33156

6856 Southwest 53rd Street
Miami, FL 33155

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Private 9-12

Public 9-12

Private 9-12

Public 9-12

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Total enrollment

261 students

2200 students

2308 students

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Recent reviews

I have had 2 children go to coral reef. They were so excited in the... More »

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I have suffered more at this school than anywhere I have ever... More »

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If you are looking for a great high school prep education, this is it. More »

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Ever since Bonce got there he made the place a prison. It is no... More »

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