220 Country Club Road
Indianapolis, IN 46234

5357 West 25th Street
Speedway, IN 46224

1155 South High School Road
Indianapolis, IN 46241

5525 West 34th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46224

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School type

Private PK-12

Public 9-12

Public 10-12

Public 9-12

GreatSchools Rating
Total enrollment

225 students

489 students

368 students

1210 students

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Community rating (overall)
Recent reviews

CCA has many students with learning disabilities, and all of them... More »

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AS a guad of SHS school system, I think the system is great. My... More »

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While the earlier reviews may have been true, it's definitely... More »

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Went here for 2 years and it was terrible I wouldn't even know... More »

- Submitted by a student

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