400 Eagleland Drive
San Antonio, TX 78210

114 East Gerald Avenue
San Antonio, TX 78214

314 Merida St
San Antonio, TX 78207

623 South Pecos La Trinidad
San Antonio, TX 78207

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School type

Public 9-12

Public 9-12

Private 2-11

Public 9-12

GreatSchools Rating
Total enrollment

1940 students

1991 students

193 students

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Community rating (overall)
Recent reviews

I am very disappointed with the Principal and staff of this once... More »

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Harlandale is a mediocre school. It has way to much violence,... More »

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This is definitely the worst school I have ever encountered. The... More »

- Submitted by a former student

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The school has evolved to a Choice Campus which has created... More »

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