1601 Oates Drive
Dallas, TX 75228

9565 Mercer Drive
Dallas, TX 75228

1811 Gross Road
Dallas, TX 75228

2611 Healey Drive
Dallas, TX 75228

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Private PK-8

Public 6-8

Public PK-5

Public PK-5

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Total enrollment

157 students

1143 students

1047 students

716 students

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Recent reviews

Probably the worst school this side of the lake. Long overdue... More »

- Submitted by a parent

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Megaphone used to corral kids. Teachers say you have to use prison... More »

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I attended this school when I lived in Dallas - 1st through 5th... More »

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Communication, Compassion, Responsibility, Active Listening,... More »

- Submitted by a teacher

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