3666 South Clement Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53207

2969 S Howell Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53207

3230 South Adams Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53207

341 E Norwich St
Milwaukee, WI 53207

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School type

Public K-8

Public PK-8

Public K-8

Private PK-8

GreatSchools Rating
Total enrollment

474 students

359 students

597 students

223 students

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Recent reviews

What a sad turn this school has taken in the last two years. We've... More »

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I adore this school! My children were fortunate to get into the... More »

- Submitted by a parent

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I am a former student of HPS, and overall it's a pretty good school. More »

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The principal is unacceptable because he picks the bully's side in... More »

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