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  • Easily assess the academic performance of a school
  • See how other school community members rate and review specific schools
  • Map schools by address, zip code or city

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GreatSchools School Finder Widget FAQ

1) Does the School Finder Widget cost anything?
No, it's free! And it's simple to add to your Web site.
2) How does GreatSchools rate schools?
Public K-12 schools are rated based on a 1-10 scale that reflects the test score performance of a given school relative to other schools in the same state. Public School Ratings appear in pink circles on the map view.
3) How often is the GreatSchools data updated?
We are constantly updating our data to provide you with the most recent and accurate school data that is available. Every two weeks we update with new data as it becomes available.
4) How do I get the School Finder Widget on my Web site?
Complete steps one through five to customize the widget — show schools near an address or within a city, and choose the size and colors of the widget. Then simply create the widget code, and copy and paste the code anywhere within your site or blog.