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Best school district in Columbia for Special Needs?


trentonk3000 March 8, 2012

Hi my husband and I may relocate to columbia SC this fall. My son is autistic 14years old in a self contained class. He is moderate to severe on the spectrum. My daughter is a typical girl going into middle school this year. Any suggestions on what school district to look at?

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MagnetMom March 19, 2012

Hi Trentonk3000,

Here's a good spot to start:

You can look at the districts in Columbia, or individual schools. You can read parent reviews and see which schools make sense to tour before you move.

Good luck.


davopam May 16, 2012

You will likely need to check out individual schools rather than whole districts. My experience with richlandone is that schools vary in thier attitude and approach to special needs issues. I can say that my own experience with elementary school and middle schools in district richlandone has been more negative than positive, although there are some nice schools with good parents, teachers and kids, but there is way too much top down test-driven curriculum, not enough teacher latitude to adjust to kids, too much labeling, too much crowding in middle school especially---30plus kids in AP math! For learning differences I have heard that Sandhills Private School is quite amazing, maybe very pricey though. Hope that helps.


FaithCruzita July 15, 2012

I understand what you are going through and you do want to pick the best schools for you children. I have 2 children that have autism. My daughter is 6 and my son is 3. They are going to a school called Polo Rd Elementary, which is like the HUD of autism. Great school and great district. Its in District 2. District 2 is where you want to be or in lexington district 1 there in lexington county. I dont like district 1 and others that i know have had serious issues with that district. All the way District 2. My personal opionion is Polo Rd Elementary, Windsor elementary, Bookman is really good. those are the schools my daughter went to, but like i said before, any schools in district 2 is the way to go. Good luck with everything.

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