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some one please help me


levis_1979 September 30, 2009

My son is in kindergarten and is doing good so far ,that is he know's everything that he need's to know but he can't write it down on paper. he's doing his best when it come's to writing but not as good as the teacher's would like for him to . can any one please help me?

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healthy11 September 30, 2009

HI. I'm surprised the teacher is expecting kindergarten children to be writing so soon in the year.
When you say he can't write things down, is it the physical act of holding a pencil that is the problem, or is it that he doesn't know his alphabet yet, so he can't think of how to make the shapes of the letters, like to spell his name on each paper? Or is he expected to try and write words, and he may not know sound-letter correlation? (For example, he may want to write cat, but doesn't know the sounds that go with c-a-t ?) Writing is considered the most difficult process, but in order to give you ideas to try and help your son, we need to know where he's struggling. Have you asked his teacher for suggestions? If it's just the physical strength in your son's hands that's the problem, so he isn't holding a pencil properly, the school should be able to provide some occupational therapy. (called OT, for short) If your son doesn't know his alphabet yet, this post might give you some ideas:
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levis_1979 October 1, 2009

My Child know's everything number's shape's color's name.,everything so I don't no what she really talking about. So Im going to the school and look at how they they are teaching and see what he's doing as well, then i'll no whats really going on.


teachermami November 3, 2009

You may want to check the state curriculum standards at
and see exactly what he should be taught in his grade.

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