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The myth of a quick fix for learning disabilities

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By Diana Moore, M.L.S.

Making a decision about a program

Difficult as it may be to accept, learning difficulties are a lifelong issue. Children with LD do succeed in learning and life, but they will always have differences. There are no cures. Things just aren't that simple.

As a parent, your best bet is to keep up on independent research, and to know your child's strengths, challenges, and learning style. Be ready to ask hard questions before buying any program or enrolling your child.

Questions to ask yourself

  • What is the standard or conventional treatment?
  • How is this program different or better?
  • What do experts in the field say about the program?
  • Who recommended the program? (Independent evaluator? Program vendor? TV advertisement?)
  • Do I think that this program will meet the unique needs of my child?
  • Are there risks, side effects, or downsides to this program?
  • Are the product's claims unreasonable or too good to be true?
  • Does the product promise a cure, quick fix, or radical improvement?

Questions to ask the program or professional

  • What can I expect my child to gain from your program?
  • How do you measure progress?
  • Has any independent research been done on this program? If so, where can I review it?
  • What are the program's success rates? (Don't be satisfied with just a few "testimonials"; ask for numbers and references.)
  • What are the total costs of the program?
  • How much time will be involved? (Length of sessions? Number of sessions per week? How many weeks, months, years?)
  • After children complete this program, how well do they retain the gains they’ve achieved?
  • What is the refund or guarantee policy?