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Parent picks: Great books on central auditory processing disorder

Central auditory processing disorder is a condition that affects how the brain recognizes and interprets sounds, most notably speech. Turn to these books, recommended by a mother of a child with CAPD, for the facts on this complex and hard-to-diagnose disorder.

By Bonnie Landau

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The Mislabeled Child

The Mislabeled Child
by Brock Eide and Fernette Eide
Hyperion (2007), $18

If there is one book a special ed parent should have, this is it. [The Mislabeled Child] was the reason I figured out our son had auditory processing disorder. This book comprehensively covers the gamut of learning disabilities, discussing how they are assessed, what other disabilities they might look like, as well as providing some ideas for remediation. I wish I had had this at the start of our special ed journey because it would have educated me on what to look for as well as what to ask for in the way of assessments.

Bonnie Landau is the founder of Landau Design and a mother of two boys, one with central auditory processing disorder (CAPD), speech delay, and dysgraphia. The road to discovering her son’s CAPD was tough and lonely, so she built CAPDsupport to provide other parents with the resources to get diagnosis, remediation, and support.

Comments from readers

"My son has a auditory memory problem i dont know what to do. he is doing okay in school i dont know if i should put him in a iep. can anybody let me know. thanks, Lamase79"
"I bought and read most of this book a few years ago when my it seemed no one knew what to do for my son except that he had to work harder. A real eye opener only wish is that all educators especially those who believe standardized testing and retention for those who do not pass them is a must."
"A book that I found invaluable to understanding what it's like have an auditory processing disorder is 'When the Brain Can't Hear : Unraveling the Mystery of Auditory Processing Disorder' by Teri James Bellis. The book is written in a style that makes even the technical descriptions of the disorder approachable to parents and caregivers."