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My son can't focus but I don't believe he has ADD.Are there any disorders with similar symtoms?


stephaniek78 November 13, 2008

My son has trouble focusing on undesirable tasks. However, I have researched ADD and other than the distractability, none of the other symtoms match up. He can focus for hours building very detailed and impressive structures with legos. But when he has to read a book, he gets so distracted by the pictures that he can't focus on the text. His teacher wants him tested for ADD and she is unwilling to try any of my suggestions. However, his lack of focus is affecting him at school. He is a very smart 8-year-old but he just can't seem to finish work and stay on task. Are there any other disorders or learning disabilities that are similar to ADD that I should take into consideration? I am feeling very preasured to try to have him diagnosed with ADD but the more I learn about it, the more I don't think he has it. Help!

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chicagojlo October 7, 2012

In reference to 'never hearing about it in girls', I wanted to let you know that my 8 year old highly gifted daughter was diagnosed with ADD and since taking meds (the lowest dose available), her world has opened up and her life is just so much better. Drugs aren't all bad, some kids actually do need them and no amount of loving can change that. Do your research, learn what is out there, and go to the professionals knowing what to ask, but don't hide from the possibility that your child may need help beyond what you can do yourself.

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