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PDD-NOS (high functioning autism)


GreyParrot December 13, 2007

My son is 12 yrs. old and has PDD-NOS.  I am happy to give whatever advice I can to parents of children with similar needs, plus I would love to hear from parents who have PDD-NOS teenagers or young adults.

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sld123 December 27, 2007

start transition planning early, as there is so little out there once graduated.


GreyParrot December 28, 2007

That's what I have heard. I have been told that PDD-NOS is harder to get adult services for than many other "more serious" disabilties. Some seem to view it as just a learning disability since many PDD-NOS kids are mostly mainstreamed and not really considered special education cases.

Do you have a child with PDD-NOS? How old? How is s/he functioning now compared to when s/he was younger?


kbgdid January 25, 2008

Hi I have a 12 year old daughter who was diagnosed with PDD-NOS ,DCD and a anxiety disorder.She is really struggling this year which is her first year of junior high especially socially.What types of socialization goals are appropriate to ask to be included for socialization on her PPP[I'm Canadian]?What types of interventions have worked for other people's children.


tammywight February 24, 2008

hi. my son is 10 and has struggled since day one. diagnosis: severe adhd and aspergers-very serious anger, behavioral issues at school and home. he has no friends and is constantly bullied. i am ready to sell everything i own in search of a school and professionals that can help him. any ideas on conducting such a search. are there such public schools in existence; i am a social worker and finances are an issue.
thanks for any help.


kinz03 February 24, 2008

hi, my son has LPD and CAPD...language and auditory processing issues..

i would love to find some social classes for him..but can not find any in our area...i have heard that social classes help a lot, but they are not readily available for children who are mainstreamed, but these are the kids who are on the front line, for constant bully and tend to be the victims...


kewpie February 24, 2008

If you can get a professional to rediagnose the PDD to high Functioning autism, it can help with services depending on where you live. Generally do to lack of services, as the kids get older, they symtoms appear worse simply because the level of social friendships and abstract thinking in academics put them at a huge disadvantage. Michell Garcia Winner has a great article on her website as well as materials parents can buy.
The only appropriate schools I have found have been non-public schools.


mom2xs February 24, 2008

Michelle Garcia Winner is a great resource. I just bought and watched her dvd's "Strategies for Organization" and it's wonderful. She explains these kids in terms that anyone can understand and also offers simple, practical strategies. I think her website is

This is a good website too:

I have heard that there is a school somewhere in San Francisco just for Asperger's kids, but I don't have any more info. than that (I have a 10 year old asperger's & adhd son).

Tammy, has your son done any sensory integration therapy? That has seemed to help my son quite a bit. Also, have his pragmatics been tested by the speech therapist? He may qualify for social skills training. I know exactly how you feel. Does your son have a behavior intervention plan or has the school done a functional behavior analysis on your son?


kewpie February 25, 2008

There a couple of schools fpr Aspergers/pdd kids in the SF bay Area.
Elementary/ Middle school: Arbor Bay school in Redwood City/San Carlos.
Middle school only: Springstone in Layfayette
High School: Orion Academy in Moraga.


naviline February 29, 2008

Hi there! I have an 11yo son (going on 12) with high-functioning ASD. We're looking for a public school in the Bay Area (moving there in July from Texas) and I am scared out of my MIND b/c it is such a big move for him (going into middle school - 6th grade - and in a completely different state!) Can anyone provide me with info about the school districts in the Bay Area? We'll live anywhere within an hour commute from the City as long as it is the best for ASD. Thanks! UPDATED: Try as we might, we just can't afford private school, so public is our only option at this point...


Mom33x February 29, 2008

I have a friend whose 15 yr old son has a diagnosis of this but not a real solid definitive diagnosis. He is doing very well at a school near Seattle that is inside a catholic HS. They have moved him to the 9th grade English class at the HS. SO far he likes it, doesn't really have a social life yet but things are ok. He made the high honors list in Grades. He is feeling pretty good about his accomplishments. They thought he may also have ADD but meds didn't help him.
We talk from time to time on how shocked teachers are that you can have an extremely intelligent child that has an LD. That blows us away because we see it often to be the case.

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