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PDD-NOS (high functioning autism)


GreyParrot December 13, 2007

My son is 12 yrs. old and has PDD-NOS.  I am happy to give whatever advice I can to parents of children with similar needs, plus I would love to hear from parents who have PDD-NOS teenagers or young adults.

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Beachgirl732 July 23, 2012

I am the mother of a great 15 year old boy who I feel was dealt some bad cards. He has been a diagnosed ld student since 2nd grade. I spent years concentrating on just being able to read. He has severe dyslexia and auditory prossesing issues. Everything seemed to be under control until 8th grade when he started to use drugs. He is currently enrolled in a therepeutic wilderness program where he was also diagnosed with PDD. This has been incredibly difficult and relief at the same time. All of these years I have been the only person who understands him emotionally and speaks his "language". Now I am looking for a therepeutic boarding school that can support severe LD, depression, PDD, and substance abuse. Yikes! Any words of wisdom would be helpful.


Atlantici December 30, 2012

My son also has very mild PDd nos.They put him in a special education class and he is very depressed.I think that he should be mainstreamed.How can I help him?I am very worried about him.


user1820996 November 4, 2013

I have a 10 yr old who was diagnosed PDD-NOS at about age two. Socially, it is heart breaking. He is bullied and cries alot. The kids make fun of him. He goes to a small school so I thought it would be easier on him. He reads voraciously, but at school, when he is asked to read and answer questions, he gets most of them wrong. I guess because he is not choosing the story. He has a lot of trouble with math, probably because most of it isnt tangible. I had the same problems with math. I am worried about his functioning as he becomes a teenager and a young adult. Do these kids ever live independently? I worry about who will supervise him when I am passed on.


karlakahler November 20, 2013

My son is 5 years old and was diagnosed with PDD-NOS in February 2013. LAUSD wanted to put him into a mainstream gen ed classroom with ZERO support. I hired a lawyer. She told me to get him re-evaluated and get a ASD diagnosis. Once we did that we got behavioral services thru the state (10 ABA hours/week at home). Then we sued LAUSD to get him assistance in the classroom. Now, his IEP included 3 hours a DAY with a behaviorist who works with him on social skills, maintaining appropriate behaviors and attending to school work. If you even THINK you might not be getting enough help PLEASE hire a lawyer or an advocate to help.


user5806391 February 24, 2015

Hi My Son is 15 years old , he in on 9th grade, he gets help in the school but he is doing very well, but he is having some problems with the social clues, it is really hard for him to make friends as his same age. He is taking Vivance 40ml. When he started High School he feels that he can't be able to go to college or go to the University ( he knows about his diagnosis). I am telling him , he can do everything!! But I am concern about how he is going to do without help ( he is in the inclusion program at London ISD). If someone know about it or have any experience with a kid in the college now, I will appreciate your feedback!!

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