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Does anyone have any experience with Landmark College or Mitchell College ?


Maggaly February 7, 2009

My daughter has applied to a few colleges. The schools are either only for LD students (Landmark College in Putney, VT. ) or colleges that have strong support and tutoring services (Mitchell College in New London, CT.) We have visited both colleges, but I'm looking for any information I can get from parents whose children either went to one of these colleges or anyone who has any first hand information about either of these colleges and their programs.

Thank you for any information you can share with me.


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michellea March 10, 2009

I remember a post on another discussion board about the summer program at Landmark College. I'm not sure if the timing would work for you- but perhaps one way to find out if it is a good fit is to try the summer program.


beachwalker March 10, 2009

Hi Maggaly,

I think only 20% of the kids are ADHD only. There are LOADS of other LD kids at Landmark. I know in the first semester at least, they were segregated by their LD's. All the kids in my son's "First year class" were kids with executive function issues only.

As far as deposits go, Landmark was very liberal with us in terms of timing. He didn't have all his updated diagnostic studies done until August, so he didn't even get accepted until they saw the report.

I would go to an open house and attend a class that is appropriate to your daughter's needs. (make arrangements ahead of time) They have kids representing all kinds of LD's speak at the open house about their experiences.

Financially, although Landmark is very expensive, they have told all of us that 100% of the tuition, room and board and other fees are tax deductible as medical expenses since only students with a medical diagnosis can be attended. That helps a lot.

I understand how you feel about a young woman going to the school. They certainly are out numbered. We had three young women talk at our open house...all were very bright, happy kids. I would try to go and experience it for yourself. I don't know individual diagnosis.....although I talk to parents, not everything is shared.

The faculty and administration are awesome. The classes are all very small and set up in a circle so no one goes unnoticed. The technology is second to none.

Hope this helps!


lastmate2 January 4, 2013

What did you decide? Did you choose Landmark or Mitchell for your daughter? I would also like to hear from those who responded to your message, or others familiar with these colleges, about the social and safety environment, particularly for girls, and (if any of you know) how generous is the financial aid that may be available? And has anyone had experience with Landmark's summer program? Our daughter is currently a Junior in h.s. and we are thinking about sending her to that but it's very expensive for just a 3-week program, so we are wondering how much it helps students through their Senior year of h.s. and transitioning to college? No SAT or ACT prep is covered in it, since Landmark doesn't require those tests for admission. We are in Ohio so VT is a long way from us, too, but we haven't found any other summer programs or colleges with as much emphasis on teaching improvement in the executive functions, which is our daughter's primary handicap, academically, along with inattention/distractibility. Socially she is (perhaps excessively) outgoing. Music, drama and outdoor-oriented physical exercise & recreation are important, which Landmark does seem to offer, though it lacks a marching band. Any comments very welcome about Landmark or good (preferably closer to OH) alternatives for both college and summer programs for high school students!

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