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Kindergarten with PDD-NOS


JenniferHCohen August 10, 2009

My son is 4 1/2 and attending a public pre-school in Hoboken,NJ.

We are looking for a good scholl district in Union or Essex County, NJ that will be supportive of inclusion. Anyone know if some districts are better than others?

Many thanks

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MSMomm August 12, 2009

Hi Jennifer, and welcome to Greatschools.

I do not live in New Jersey, however, I hope that other parents who do can provide answers to your questions.

Please keep in touch, and let us know how your search is progressing.


GroupSPIRIT October 4, 2009

Most schools do very little for socialization as it's not truly part of the curriculum. However, to comply with IEP's schools will often include the children in things like assemblies - which is ridiculous. In a Pre-K PDD program, my son was not offered inclusion. Now that he's in Kindergarten (Self contained early childhood K-2 Program) there is inclusion in Gym and Music classes only. Lunch, recess, art, library are all self contained which I feel is wasted opportunities - but we parents end up feeling grateful for anything we can get.
We are in Scotch Plains

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