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Schools for Dyslexic Children


marielle_alisa December 23, 2009

Hi - Does anyone know of a school for dyslexic children in Monmouth or Ocean Counties or the surrounding areas? We know of the New Grange an the Lewis School. Thanks.

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bwmomma December 26, 2009

here is the web site for the Masonic Learning Centers, which will provide you with the NJ centers. They probably have some resource information available for you. Such as local school(s) that have what you are looking for. They can also provide you with tutors that are available for private support in your area.

also check out IDA for NJ.

Good luck.


TeacherParent January 8, 2010

There is a book likely available in or through your public library called Peterson's Guide To the Independent Schools - it will list all private schools and has a section devoted to special needs schools. Your local yellow pages can help as well.

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