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jenny9408 February 10, 2010

My child is in the 5th grade and was recently dismissed from special education services. He was originally qualified under speech impairment and in 3rd grade, under ADHD predominantly inattentive type moderate. They did a re-evaluation and determined he no longer requires services under special education for any disability. Here are scores from the educational diagnostician evaluation using the WISC IV/WIAT III
GAI 92
VCI 96
PRI 90
WMI 80
PSI 65
VCI-PSI 31 pt diff.
VCI-WMI 16 pt diff. *all of these are marked as significant
PRI-PSI 25 pt diff. difference.
WMI-PSI 15 pt diff.

block design 9
similarities 9
digit span 8
picture concepts 10
coding 2
vocabulary 10
letter-number sequencing 5
matrix reasoning 6
comprehension 9
symbol search 5

digit span backward 7
digit span forward 9
block design 10

Oral discourse comprehension standard score 62 %rank 1
Receptive vocabulary standard score 116 %rank 86
Math Fluency standard score 76 %rank 3

He has significant problems w/inattention,sustaining mental effort,focus and concentration. I am so upset and I don't know what to do. What do these scores mean and does he qualify for any services under IDEA? someone please help me. I am at a total loss....

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dhicks6 February 11, 2010

There are some big scatters (differences between subtest scores) on your son's testing. I don't know enough about interpreting testing scores, but there are others here that can help you. I would suggest, however, that you disagree with the school's evaluation and request an IEE (independent educational evaluation) at their expense. You are guaranteed this right under IDEA (federal education law).

If you go to, search for independent educational evaluation and read all you can. Also, if you go to, they have sample letters on the 'Advocacy' board to use for requesting an IEE.

Your child should still be able to qualify under the OHI (Other health impaired) for his ADD. Good luck and keep us posted!


michellea February 11, 2010

I agree with dihicks - the scatter is significant, and I am willing to bet his low processing is causing him a lot of trouble not only in the processing language but any kind of input and output - writing, discussion etc. You see this in his low oral discourse comprehension score in the 1st percentile. He most likely takes more time to take in information, churn it around in his brain to get to understanding. He has the intellect to understand (VCI - verbal comrehension a 96 - dead average), but he needs more time and structure to do so. You also see that in math fluency - percentile rank 3. Again, fluency is a time issue - how easiliy and effeciently does he process math concepts.

First thing is first, you must disagree with the evaluaiton and request an IEE as dihicks suggested. Here's a link explaining what it is:

You must also reject the district's proposal that he be existed from sped. While you wait for the IEE and subsequent meetings he will remain on his last current IEP. This is called Stay-Put

Also - you may want to post your question on Millermom, another parent community that has a number of educators that may be able to give you additional insight into the scores and your situation,

In short - I believe that he most likely does qualify for services - but you will need more data. Tell us a bit more about how he does in school - how is reading, spelling, math? Social skills? What do you see at home? Is he organized, forgetful etc? How is his handwriting - he seems to have scored more poorly on tasks that involve writing - is this a trouble area? Has he had an OT evaluation? The more info you can give, the more helpful we can be.

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