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CogMed anyone had any personal experience with it?


HonMom February 23, 2010


I just went to a presentation for parents of children with learning differences.
The pediatrician doing the presentation said great things about CogMed. She said she tried it with quite a few patients and her own children and that it worked to improve working memory. She also stated that most of her patients had improvement in other academic & social functioning.

My child has ADHD, Dyslexia & Dysgraphia and there is not a thing I would not do If I knew it was likely to help. The doctor was very pretty convincing, HOWEVER:

*I am concerned the doctor has a conflict of interest because she personally makes @$1,000 when she sells this (this one-time use product sells for $1500).
*I am concerned because the only way to get the product is to buy it from a "trained professional" who makes money on the deal.
*I am concerned because all the studies show results only to 1 year, even though CogMed has been used & studies for several years.

I'd really appreciate hearing from families who have tried this product! Thanks!

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healthy11 February 23, 2010

Hi. You are wise to be cautious. From what I've read on other LD forums from the few people who have tried it (there's an ongoing discussion at the short-term benefits seem to dissipate over time, and so I'm not sure many people feel it's worth the money. I don't recall anyone specifically talking about improvements in the social realm, unless the working memory aspect may mean having a better recall of people's names?


exvalleygirl July 7, 2010

I am so glad to find this comment though I'm a little late.

My doctor is pushing it, but he charges $1,800! I suppose he is making not just $1,000 but rather $1,300 per patient. He did not disclose the conflict, either. Like all of us I want to help my child as much as possible, but this kind of thing plays on that feeling and takes advantage. It's invidious. I'm left feeling vulnerable and used. I hate to stand on principle when it comes to my child, but I'm saying no Cogmed. It's as bad as if the drug company was paying the doctor to prescribe the stimulant.


jlongworth October 17, 2010

Hi Hon,

I used Cogmed just under 2 years ago now and am still enjoying the benefits. I can't speak to how it will work for your son (I was 21 when I did the training) but for me its been a life-changer.

As for why your doctor will charge on top of what they are paying for the program - they're mandated by the Cogmed company to do 7 hours of "coaching" along with the program. If you consider that this is 7 hours of an MD's time it works out to be quite reasonable.

I honestly cannot recommend Cogmed enough. Sure, they're making money from the program but they're providing a valuable service. Hear what the company has to say along with listening to the community. Be open and honest about your concerns with your doctor, no one can force you to sign up, just to listen.


JamesDCayton March 8, 2012

Hello Concerned Mom-
I appreciate your concerns about your child. Congratulations on your effort to try to find ways to help him. I am a Psychologist who was just started using Cogmed, PLease feel free to explore my website. I have been waiting for decades for a program like Cogmed, and I have been watching the research as it unfolded.

I don't know the Pediatrician you mentioned so I have nothing helpful to add.

Cogmed is NOT a CUREALL for everybody. It activates Working Memory which in turn, can help other brain activities.To their credit, Cogmed publishes the facts-90% finish the program and 80% get significant benefit. 10% do not finish, and 20% do not appear to get ignificant benefit.

Your challenge is that it appears that you would have to pay $1,000 or $1,500 (I can't tell which) and your son might be in the 80% who befefit or the 20 % who do not. This is labor intensive for everybody and there is no money back quarantee.

If you decide to pursue it, you would want to learn about tne program, sit with your child, and encourage him to do his best. You would want to follow the Cogmed Guidelines and to work closely with your coach. Your son may or may not have the frustration tolerance to withstand the rigors of 15 minutes or 30 minutes a day of demanding concentration and attention training. You did not say whether your son was taking medication-that can be helpful for some kids, not so much for others.

If in doubt, you can always wait, observe what other children are doing, and if you think it might help in the future, you can give it a try. I hope this helps. You have my best wishes in your efforts, James Cayton, Ph.D.


nicegrl November 4, 2012

There are serious problems with the research used by Cogmed to promote its program. Before anybody spends a lot of money on Cogmed, they may want to read a 2012 research article published by the American Psychological Association, which covers a variety of working memory training programs, including Cogmed. Here's the conclusion: "....the present literature provides insufficient evidence of its efficacy." Full article available at:

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