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Need help in making the move to the best school district in South bay


ravikiran September 14, 2010

Hello everybody

We are new to this forum. Our son has just moved to 1st Grade and has Aspergers. He is high functioning and very bright academically. We are currently in Union school district in South bay and while the schools and services are ok, we feel we can do much better for him. We are selling our house but confused about where to buy. We know Palo Alto is probably the best for Special ed but we just cannot afford to buy a house there.

We are looking at alternatively, Cupertino, Saratoga and Los Gatos school district.

Can anyone please point us to which among these (or any other) one may have the best services for special needs children and the best chances for him to blossom? We cant go too far becaue of commute to work. Thank you so much.


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pinkalaceous November 21, 2012

Now we are in the same boat as you were about two years back.
Could you please talk to us and give some advise from your experience.
You can also email us at


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