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Good Schools for Special Needs Child in Southern New Hampshire?


margieboyle January 11, 2011

Hi. We currently live in a chicago suburb where my son, who is 8 years old and highly functioning autistic, has an aide and is included in the regular classroom and curriculum but pulled out for therapies, etc.

My husband lost his job (after 20 years in July). Happily, he was hired for a new position but it means relocating to New England as his job is in downtown Boston.

We have just put our chicago home on the market and are looking in Massachusetts and New Hampshire at homes that are near the commuter rail to Boston. I am originally from that area, (Newton Massachusetts)

My husband and I would love to live in an area similar to where we live outside of Chicago now..kind of small town, but close to stores, and civilization. Most of all affordable. The home prices in Massachusetts are soo high so we would prefer Southern New Hampshire where we have seen some beautiful homes with land (close to beaches, mountains, etc) that we can afford and that are rural but dont feel isolated and do seem safe.

Unfortunately, we have heard bad feedback on the special education departments of several of the Southern New Hampshire towns from different sources. Does any parent have a recommendation/suggestion of an area in Southern New Hampshire (on a rail line) where he/she has had a positive experience in the school system for a special needs child?

Thanks in advance,


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