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Advice or information regarding Beacon College


Laura964 October 17, 2012

I have done numerous searches regarding reviews of Beacon College in Leesburg, Florida and there are very few. My ADHD/LD daughter has been accepted there and is planning to attend in the Spring. We visited the school, but I am getting questions about it because few have heard of it. Does anyone have any knowledge about or experience with this school?

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TeacherParent October 18, 2012

If you go to the address above you'll find a few student reviews. I hope that's helpful.
The most important question to ask Beacon might be - what percentage of your freshmen class goes on to graduate? They might hem and haw about that and tell you they don't know but any college should track that kind of data and make it available to families. And ask what percentage graduate in four years - increasingly colleges seem to be encouraging a 5th year of college but that adds a great deal on to the cost of college.

I'd ask any college what their campus crime statistics are - by federal law all colleges are required to make oncampus crime statistics public.

Asking what percentage of the freshman class drops out is another telling question - if they say they don't know, ask them how many freshman dropped out in their freshman year last year - or how many freshman did not return for their sophomore year.

If they say they don't know that, they're not telling the truth. Data from last year should be easily accessed.

Most people are only familiar with the mainstream colleges - don't be put off by the fact that no one knows Beacon. But even the most well-known colleges can be very guarded with information about the success rate at their college. If your daughter has had accomodations through high school, be sure to establish with Beacon that she will have the same accomodations at college. Colleges generally do not acknowledge or write IEPs for students and some who've had accomodations all the way through school find that their college is reluctant to provide any accomodations.

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