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4 children with all different specal needs and have been fighting the board of education for 16 years and now i figured out t...


kellydg January 9, 2013

i have a 4 year old child who has an iep now he will be going through the turnning 5 process so i asked what programs will fit his needs now that he will be entering kindergarden so they told me i had to wait until they did a psyc evaluation and so i called a friend he told me if i do not agree with this evaluation i can tell the board of education i would like an outside agency or hospital to do this evaluation and they pay for an psyco educational evaluation to determine what special programs doe has so so iep must indicate if your child has autisum and if its asburgers or what type if so they qualify for the nest program which provides your child to work with certfied and experienced teachers and support of psycologist occupational therapist and behavioral ones as well its a shame i spend 60 percent of my time trying to know the in and outs of the doe i advocate for people who are new to this even in my community of manhattan feel

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TarzanaMom65 January 11, 2013

You may want to consult with an advocate. The cost of an advocate was so worth it. The benefits that my child is receiving, I alone could not have gotten for her. It may cost $100 to $150 per hour. After the IEP was done and the school board (LAUSD) approved, my child was placed in a non-public school with transportation to and from school in a theraputic environment. Just two weeks of that kind of school was the cost of the advocate. Good luck.

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