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Robynne1980 February 5, 2013

My Son is 3 years old and he has some speech issues. I want to enroll him into head start but I worry about bullying, misunderstanding, and the atmosphere. My son see's a speech therapist once a week and although that is going great he still is having comprehension issues.. Like he is not processing all the information completely.. If any one has any advice please feel free to give it to me.. Thanks for your time and advice

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TeacherParent February 6, 2013

Go and visit the Head Start school - spend some time observing - and see what the atmosphere is like. Are the teachers on top of things? Do the kids seem happy and comfortable? Is there fighting or not? Be sure to watch a free play or recess time - if there's a bully in the class, they usually show themselves at recess or free time.
And talk with the teachers - tell them about your son's speech issues and see how they react. A warm and caring preschool can do a lot for a child's speech issues. My own son had severe speech issues and he was difficult to understand but his preschool teachers were always patient with his issues and with him and his language improved and he enjoyed his preschool. Head Start is a federal program and any federal program is supposed to be very caring and open to all children - I'd be surprised if your son would be the only child in the room with a speech issue.

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