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My son is 8 years old and cannot read!


BMomof4 March 13, 2013

Hello parents and teachers!

I am having a big issue with my youngest son. He actually can't read. He started school when he was 3 yrs. old and even with all those teachings, he cannot decode correctly. He has a very good comprehension and skills in other subjects like Math, Science, Social Studies... but Writing, Reading, Spelling are his challenge and struggle.
His teacher now is requesting EMTs every other week without progress, the school psychologist is requesting a diagnosis from a Mental Health Clinic in order to provide him the special education.
But, I am concerned about this: What if he has a reading problem but not a mental issue? Will the school deny the help my son needs? What can I do to help my son to succeed. It is almost the end of the year and I am seriously concerned.

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LuJoDa3 April 5, 2013

My son is 11 years old and reads at 1st grade reading level. He has struggled with reading since kindergarten, he was tested for a learning disability and it turned out that he in fact does have a Learning Disability (SLD) He is was receiving resource at his school, but unfortunately resource was not enough. A blessing it was to put him in a school that offered special day class . He is now in 5th grade and is making very good progress. My advice to you is to type up a letter to the school requesting that your child be tested for a disability and get an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) the school by law has to respond to your letter within 10 business days.


ditebray April 20, 2013

That sounds like classic dyslexia. You should contact the IDA chapter in your area to find a good educational psychologist in your area who can give you a diagnosis. If he does have dyslexia, he will need intensive specialized tutoring called "Orton-Gillingham" instruction. Just like with most developmental disabilities, the sooner you get help for it the better the outcome will be.


BMomof4 May 2, 2013

I did some research and I must thank to ditebray because I found out that all what happens to him matches with a dyslexia case.
Also LuJoDa3, yes, I requested by letter after your advise and "voila", suddenly the school psychologist accepted for the IEP.
Now, I am concerned about the meantime... the school year is about to finish, the teacher asked me to sing a "Retention Letter" before the results of the test.
What are the possibilities now? If the school psychologist doesn't want to give the 504 to my son, can I do something else to help him?
Because, of course he has all the characteristics of a dyslexic person and I have to be prepared for a "yes" or a "no". But I want to be ready just in case. =)
I really appreciate your contributions! =)


MagnetMom May 3, 2013

Whatever you do, don't allow the school to force you to have him stay back until you know what is going on.

His inability to read is because of their inability to teach the way he needs--not his inability to learn. Holding him back won't help his needs until you have a diagnosis.

Good luck.


BMomof4 May 3, 2013

Then, can I request to the school to not retain him? Yesterday he was tested and I will have the test results next May 10th. What happen if for some reason they decide to deny the help? Can I go to upper levels to make sure my son gets what my son needs?
And yes, I totally agree with you MagnetMom, before he was learning in some way, even when he couldn't decode, he at least, could read slowly but fine, now he doesn't even want to read, he is all discouraged and it is hard to understand why.

Please let me know if (after signing the Retention letter) is possible to retract and ask them to find what is going on. Thanks again =)


BMomof4 June 14, 2013

Hi! Just good news, he is now under care. He has his special Education and will not be retained.

My son is regaining his confidence now and even though school is over, his teacher gave me a plan for the summer.

This will last for a year. Let's see how will it be.

Thanks for the wise advice!

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