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Pen Pal Projects Mix Learning and Fun For Kids with Special Needs

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By Linda Broatch, M.A.


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Linda Broatch has worked for many years in nonprofit organizations that serve the health and education needs of children. She has an M.A. in education, with a focus in child development.

Comments from readers

"Hi , I am a mother of a 9 year old girl Nurjahan she has L D and I tried to get her spark top it let me enter all the info.Problem is I live in Bangladesh and on their registration it says to enter a province but it some how won't let me and so I can't get her on the sight I am rely trying to get her a program that would help her please contact me.Thank you Maryam "
"Hi there, I am an adult with learning difficulties,In 1973 I had to go to a special school, I was not getting on ok at mainstream school. it was called sidestrand hall cromer uk I got on ok there but didnot like the boarding part of it I got homesick! I was only allowed to go home every other weekend. now though,I think I do ok for myself. just thought you would be interested in my little story about my self."
"Is there anything such school in Arizona known as a great school. We may be relocating and from what I see the school there are pretty low. My son nis in a top 10 school district in PA (Lower Merion, MOntgomery County). Thanks, Mimi"
"Hello! Thank you for your informative article on the pen pal projects for kids with special needs! I wanted to let you and your readers know about the Amazing Kids! PenPals program: The program is run by Amazing Kids!, a children's educational non-profit organization. Unlike the kinds of web-based pen pal programs you mentioned under 'Evaluating Pen Pal Websites for Safety and Privacy,' we offer a unique literacy-based traditional letter-writing program. We match gender to gender and age to age, as well as hobbies and interests (whenever possible). Parents and teachers register their students on our website, but the students write and receive letters via 'snail mail.' Kids especially love getting letters in the mail, while parents and teachers appreciate the fact that the program is helping reinforce literacy skills their children/students are learning in the classroom. The benefit of the Amazing Kids! PenPals program for special needs children is that the teacher or parent can help the child take the time they need to gather their thoughts, and compose their letters to their pen pals. There is no urgent rush to send a quick email, so special needs children have all the time they need to write their letters (most emails usually lack forethought, good grammar and good composition necessary for traditional letter writing.) We welcome inquiries at: Thank you. Alyse Rome Founder/President Amazing Kids! - Helping Kids Realize Their Potential, One Kid at a Time"