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Financial aid for students with LD: Guides and resources

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By Lisa Kay


SLM Financial's K-12 Family Education LoanSM

SLM Financial, a Sallie Mae company, has created this loan to help families send their children to private K-12 schools. Parents may borrow between $1,000 to the total cost of the child's education, including tuition, books, room and board. Phone: (877) 834-9853

prepGATE K-12 Education Loan

Bank of America disburses loans to prepGATE-approved private schools on behalf of parents of K-12 students. Phone: (888) 353-4283

This loan is available to parents of students K-12 with special education needs . All education-related expenses, such a, tuition, room and board, books, fees, musical instruments and tutors are covered. Phone: (877) 255-2431

CitiAssist® K-12 Loan

This Citibank loan is provided to parents/cosigners of K-12 students for private schools. Phone: (800) 967-2400

Education One® K-12 Loan

Chase Bank provides this loan to parents of K-12 students with special education needs. Phone (877) 663-3906 - Preparatory/Private K-12 School Loans

The eStudent Loan Finder helps you compare different loans and find the one that best suits you for your K-12 child's private education.

Comments from readers

"Mother of a beautiful artistic 15 year old daughter struggling in her academic classes. I've been advocating for her since the age of 7 and currently live in a county located in NYS that has no programs available or rather the funding is not available. We are to the point where she has nearly given up due to the lack of interest that our school distrist has for children with learning disabilities. My income is limited but just want to say that this site has surprised me with all the information that's available . The problem is none are offered in Schenectady county. "