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Your second grader and PE

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By GreatSchools Staff

Healthy living

Second-graders should learn to appreciate the importance of a healthy lifestyle and learn to care for their bodies by getting enough sleep, eating well, and committing to regular physical activity.

Teamwork and sportsmanship

Children in second grade should become more capable of cooperating with others during games and sports. They should learn more problem-solving skills, such as how to resolve a conflict by saying “Sorry.”

As Kaiser observes, “Rock, paper, scissors is the great equalizer. It seems so simple, but it’s an effective strategy when kids can’t resolve a conflict. Students accept it. It’s a goal that students at this age will start to solve their own disputes on the playground, as well.”

Perhaps most important, kids should learn how to be safe, follow rules, and share.

What to look for when you visit the classroom

  • A balance beam and tumbling mats
  • Balls including soccer balls, basketballs, and softballs (oversized and lightweight balls are best)
  • Frisbees
  • Jump ropes and Hula-Hoops
  • A chart showing techniques for stretching
  • Plastic bats

Updated July 2010

Comments from readers

"So, I have a 2nd grade girl - she is about 3'5' tal and weighs about 56 lbs. I am very concerned about her weisght - all of her friends and classmates are taller & skinny little sticks! My daughter is SOLID - she seems just as active as her classmates - Is this normal size?"