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What to expect in third grade

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By Miriam Myers

Physical and social skills you can expect of your third grader:

  • Work cooperatively and productively with other children in small groups to complete projects
  • Understand how her choices affect consequences
  • Become more organized and logical in her thought process
  • Build stronger friendships
  • Be helpful, cheerful and pleasant - as well as rude, bossy, selfish and impatient
  • Better understand the consequences of her behavior
  • Be more influenced by peer pressure because friends are very important at this stage
  • Want and expects immediate rewards for good behavior

Academic skills you can expect of your third grader:

  • Be able to copy from a chalk board
  • Be able to write neatly in cursive because the small muscles of the hand have developed
  • Read longer stories and chapter books with expression and comprehension
  • Use prefixes, suffixes, root words and other strategies to identify unfamiliar words
  • Multiply single and multi-digit numbers (3 x 4,652)
  • Divide multi-digit numbers by one-digit numbers (165 / 5)
  • Tell time to the half-hour, quarter-hour, five minutes and one minute

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Comments from readers

"Thank you so much for this very helpful information. My children and I are moving to the New Holland, PA area and with the kids starting a new school, this information is very helpful no matter where you go."
"This guide is very useful especially as we are going to be immigrating to the Houston area and its good to know what standard my kids are expected to achieve seeing as we are moving from a Scottish Education System. I found this very informative and useful and know my kids wont feel out of place now that I know what is expected of them. Thank you for this guide."