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Resources to help gifted students

Check out these useful links to learn about appropriate curriculum for gifted students and how to support your gifted child.

By GreatSchools Staff

Looking for information on educating gifted and talented students? The links below will point you to information on state-funded Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) programs, how to assess your child's abilities, provide gifted children with the challenging curriculum they need to thrive, and support your gifted child.

In general, policies about gifted education vary by state. For information about how gifted education works where you live, check the state overview page and click on the link to your state Department of Education Web site.

Texas Education Agency, Gifted and Talented Education Information
This site provides the state administrative code section on gifted and talented programs.

Florida Department of Education Exceptional Student Education Services
The FDE's site provides information on programs for the gifted in Florida, as well as a link to their Clearinghouse Information Center. The Clearinghouse operates a resource center where parents can access a wide range of information on gifted programs.

Arizona Department of Education, Gifted and Talented Education Information
The Exceptional Student Services programs aim to promote, develop and implement programs for exceptionally talented students. This page provides contact information for state programs, as well as information about opportunities to enrich your child's education in Arizona.

California Association for the Gifted
The CAG provides institutes and conferences for families and educators, shares strategies for cultivating your child's talents, and also offers publications and advocacy assistance.

Washington Association of Educators of Talented and Gifted
The WAETAG provides resources for teachers and also lists learning opportunities for students on their Web site.

The National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented
This comprehensive site provides monographs, brochures, videotapes and online resources for researchers, teachers, parents, administrators and others interested in gifted children and their education. The site also gives its users the options to sign up for a newsletter and ask the center's researchers specific questions about gifted and talented education.

Hoagie's Gifted Page
This comprehensive site contains insightful articles, information on programs and schooling options for gifted children, a parent discussion forum and other links of interest to parents of talented children.
This site provides in-depth gifted and talented education information, including activity resources, tips on working with your child's school and help with addressing your child's emotional and academic needs.

The Davidson Institute for Talent Development
This nonprofit organization is dedicated to recognizing, nurturing and supporting gifted young people. Their site provides an array of services for students, parents and professionals to ensure that your child can continue to develop their talents.

Tennessee Initiative for Gifted Education Reform (TIGER)
Learn about education policy regarding gifted youth and find out why it's important to advocate for gifted children. This grassroots network for parents, educators and the general public works to foster an understanding of the needs of gifted children.

Tennessee Association for the Gifted
Check out this site to learn more about the Tennessee Association for the Gifted (TAG), a nonprofit support group that works to promote adequate educational opportunities for gifted students. On their site you'll find information about state policies and links to other resources.

Scholastic Quick Clicks
Scholastic provides tips to make sure your gifted child reaches his potential.

Comments from readers

"I have two kids - going into 6 and 4 who test in the 99 percentile for the NWEA tests - are there any schools in the MN STP/MLS area for continuing to challenge them? The Math teacher is reaching her limit for teaching them."
"When children are identified at a young age (6/7) and have a school system where there is no additional certification required by the state for the teachers who teach them, we lose the opportunity to teach at younger levels when they are most apt to appreciate it. These are the future leaders in many aspects, and should have the same attention as the children on the opposite side of the bell curve. We are missing the boat big time not letting them explore outside the generic cirriculum in my opinion. (A Texas Mom)"
"Children who are academically advanced do benefit from gifted and talented programs in school and any outside activities the parents can find to encourage the joy of learning, but only as long as the parents are simply supporting the kids' development (not pushing them too hard) and all adults involved make it clear that all kids are 'gifted' in some way. My older children have been getting a lot out of the GT program in our public schools, mainly due to the elementary GT teacher pushing creativity and teamwork over genius-making while keeping kids from getting big heads. "
"you should have an online survey for parents or students to fill out in order to get addvice about potentail schools and programs that suite their needs and accademic level. this would be an easier way for students to find good schools that they will acheive more in."
"There are a few more at the national level: National Association for the Gifted & Talented (NAGC) and Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted (SENG) and Texas Association for the Gifted & Talented"
"Thank You!! for providing such great information"
"To address the prior I must say that in order for a learning enviroment to exist; for any student to learn from his peers, he must first find himself among peers of like minds, for, as it seems evident, weaker minds provide merely a nuissance to higher learning, thusly laying the importance of a 'gifted program.' In this the IB school system, while successful in detering the weakest of minds, is far from an ideal 'gifted program,' as its goal does not extend greatly beyond college prep, and remains relatively unfiltered to the issue of 'gifted participants.' Take it from me, a kid in the IB program. Given the notion, however, that there might be no modern geniuses, can hardly prove factual as one must note Stephen Hawking, Werner Heisenberg, Tim Berners-Lee, and Chris Thile."
"As a mom of both gifted and 'normal' kids, we have thoroughly enjoyed Destination ImagiNation. DI is a wonderful program with great infrastructure that can be started in any area with interested parents and talented group of kids (from 2 to 7 on a team). The international tournament 'Global Finals' opening ceremony is Wed night 8 Eastern live webcast on Check out this party to celebrate the creativity of the kids as nearly 1000 teams from across US and 15 countries gear up to showcase their talents."
"I am a parent of a 10 yr. old daughter, who had a very difficult 1st and 2nd grade because she was bored at school. Despite of several meetings @ public schools, not much was done to take care of her needs. Then I found EAGLE school in Fitchburg, WI and that proved to be a blessing for my daughter and for our family. I would highly recommend the school for high grade of parent invlovement and stimulation that it provides. There is no limit. Here at EAGLE, child can go as far as he/she can. "
">From Alabama 10/7/2005: 'Hello, I am a mother of an autistic child. That is High functioning Autism, Aspergers. ... To: Alabama Many parents here in CT with children of autism. there are many sites online for resources. also check into music interest of your child. there are so many different pieces of the autism spectrum, you really know your child best! good luck, if i find anything i'll share it!"
"Gifted children aren't gifted. God, it doesn't make them special. The geniuses of today's world aren't true geniuses like Einstein or Newton but simply adaqetely smart people who persevere and are determined. By placing your children into a program like that you take away the other children who don't get things as easily thus ruining the learning environment. Children learn from each other much more than the teacher and sticking your kid into a room filled with snobbish smart brats isn't going to help them that much. Take it from me, a kid in the IB program."
"my son is attending gifted and talented program here in utah and its absolutely wonderful, wish there are this kind of programs in east coast also especially the north east(maine)"
"My 7 year old son is gifted and the school he attends has no gifted program due to 'lack of funds' We have a meeting planed for this Wed. Oct. 19. Could anyone offer up some ideas as to what I can do as a parent to be helpful."
"Hello, I am a mother of an autistic child. That is High functioning Autism, Aspergers. My son is also gifted, Highly IQ'd (this is also a part of his diagnosis). Anyone out there tell me if there are any resources with such services as we need?"
"I want to know how I go about enrolling a child or children into a gifted school, and how I should go about comfirming, if my child or children are indeed gifted. "