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Your middle schooler and science

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By GreatSchools Staff

Preparing for high school science

The foundation students build in middle school will support them throughout their education. By the end of middle school, students should be familiar with the language of science and have a grasp of its basic concepts.

For example, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District in North Carolina lists these concepts:

  • Cellular structure and theory
  • Skeletal, muscular and other human body systems
  • Heredity and genetics
  • Population dynamics
  • Diversity and adaptations of organisms
  • Change over time of life and form
  • Structure of the earth system
  • Earth in the universe
  • Transfer of energy
  • Motion and forces
  • Properties of matter
  • Flow of matter and energy

Middle school is often the time when students embrace or abandon their natural curiosity about science. Students who choose to pursue that interest might turn science into a career or simply use their new knowledge to gain a better understanding of the world. Either way, parental involvement is key to kids’ success.

Comments from readers

"Not only Science teachers but more activities between schools for scientific porjects, expositions, science fairs."
"This article is right on the money. After teaching science for 20 years our new Governor forced us to 'teach the test'. That doesn't work! Since organizing your thoughts, being precise, accurate, and detailed in your presentation of data is so important I spent time teaching my middle schoolers how to write and present a paper. If you a unable to properly share your findings your research will be of no benefit to anyone."
"Very good article. We need good Science teachers stressing the Scientific Method.Observing, recording, classifying, recording, graphing data and comparing results."
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