Kindergarten basics 1: Five key skills kids learn in kindergarten

Five important skills your child will learn in kindergarten.


This video explains the five key skills that kids need to master in kindergarten so they succeed in school later on: fine motor skills to write; following directions; playing well with other kids; recognizing short words; counting and spotting patterns. The video is most appropriate for parents of children in preschool and kindergarten.

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Comments from readers

"Hi Kasha, If you have not found out the answer to your question already, I would suggest that you speak to the school where your daughter will attend in September. The cutoff is different in different districts, cities or states- I am not sure. For example, in NYC, any child who turns 4 in 2012 would enter pre-k, etc. I am originally from Cali and there the cutoff was September. I have heard of the cutoff being Dec elsewhere. And I am speaking of my experiences 5-10 yrs ago. It may even be different presently. Ask at your school. Also, ask if you have a say-so because you may not want your daughter to be the youngest kid in Kindergarten because she will always be the youngest in her grade as she gets older. Maturity in social situations may not translate to ability in academic situations. There are pros and cons you may want to consider if it boils down to you making the final decision. Best of luck as you begin this journey with your daughter. "
"Hi I am Kasha and my little girl is 4 now, she will be 5 in this December, and she is very mature for her age so I am thinking to send her to the Kindergarten this year,but I do not know if she can go,becouse, in September she will be 4years and 9 months old so I don't know?So please let me know what I Can do about it?Thank You Thank you for "