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Your fourth grader and PE

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By GreatSchools Staff

Fitness tests

In fourth grade, kids might start to be tested on their fitness. School fitness tests often measure aerobic conditioning, muscle strength, and muscle flexibility.

Kaiser notes that working out at home can help things work out better at school: “Encouraging activity at home is a good way to ensure good health. Students should be engaging in 30-60 minutes of active play every day. Even taking a few breaks to work on abdominal strength, shoulder strength, or flexibility will help improve fitness scores.”

Healthy habits

Beyond exercise, children start to understand how to integrate healthy habits into their lives. Students should learn to eat well, sleep enough, and manage stress. Teachers often include lessons about diet and nutrition, lessons that help them sustain the physical skills they learn in PE.

Updated July 2010

Comments from readers

"Well I wish my grandkids school would teach exercise, But at Foothilloaks elementary we are lucky to get math, reading, and some science projects"